7230 | Hakushu 1989

Hakushu 1989

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Final Price: RMB 30,000

Single Malt. Sherry Butt cask. Distilled 1989,Bottled 2009. Cask NO. 9O 50021. 700ml. Abv62%. 1bt.
Japanese Whisky
The founder of the Suntory Group,Mr. Shinjiro Torii established Japan’s first whisky distillery in Yamazaki,marking the start of the Japanese whisky history. Masataka Taketsuru is also one who’s made great contributions to the development of the whisky industry in japan. Taketsuru worked for Torii for a period of time,but parted ways due to differences in ideas. Therefore,Takesuru left Suntory in 1934 to pursue his whisky dream in Yoichi,Hokkaido. He took over an existing brewery and established his own Nikka Whisky Co.,making his ideal Japanese Whisky: simple and rigorous,like a pure Scotch whisky.
The Yamazaki first came out with the Shirofuda,but soon found that its strong smoky flavor did not fit well in the Asian market,thus the formula was altered and the Kakubin was produced. The Kakubin had a much less smoky flavor that was more suitable for the Asian taste,and it was a great success and became a favorite of many.