5451 | Yuan Dynasty A YAOZHOU ‘ZHAO’ CARVED DISH


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Size: D21.5cm

Signed and dated: Yuan Dynasty

Estimate: No Reserve

Final Price: RMB 620,000

· Hirano Kotoken, Toyko, Japan
· Japanese Important Private Collection

Song Enthusiasm
The Ten-Views Lingbi Rock Retreat and Japanese Collection of Song and Yuan Playthings
The Ten-views Lingbi Rock Retreat Collection
The Ten-views Lingbi Rock Retreat Collection is among one of the most important private collections in The US. The name after the Wu Bin’s painting scroll ‘Ten-views of Lingbi Rock’,which was collected by the owner for $1. 21 million in the 1980s and set an auction record of classical Chinese painting. The Collection was built from 1990s, specializing in oriental art and collected a great deal of Chinese impe- rial por-celain, classical paintings, and classical furniture, reflecting the owner’s deep interest in the fields. The whole Collection was mainly helped by world-class dealers, for in- stance, Es-kenazi built its Ming and Qing imperial porcelain collection, for Song and Yuan ceramics, it was built by J. J. Lally, and also, the Ming and Qing furnitures collections was built by Marcus Flacks. Meanwhile, the owner often participated world- class auction under professional guide, generously collecting unless extremely rare Chinese works of art. The Collection has a very top taste of choosing works of art Strictly pay at- tention to rarity and quality, which such high standards and helping by top dealers. Works which can be chosen in The Ten-view Lingbi Rock Retreat Collection is indeed exquisite treasure.