Modern and contemporary arts evening sale

3201 | WU GUANZHONG Painted in 1976 A FISHERMAN’S YARD


Author: WU GUANZHONG 吴冠中

Size: 46×46cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 1976


Final Price: RMB 8,500,000

1990 Painting from the Heart: Selected Works of Wu Guanzhong / P109 / Foreign Languages Press & Sichuan Art Publishing House
1990 Wu Guanzhong - A Selection of 128 Fine Works / P124 / Plum Blossoms Gallery
1992 Wu Guanzhong’s Personal Selection of Paintings / P48 / Oriental Press
1992 Wu Guanzhong - A Twentieth-Century Chinese Painter / P121 / British Museum
2003 Wu Guanzhong Connosseurs’ Choice I / P82-83 / People’s Fine Arts Publishing House
2007 The Complete Works of Wu Guanzhong Vol.III / P48 / Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
signed in Chinese and dated 1976
1992 Wu Guanzhong: A Twentieth-Century Chinese Painter,British Museum,London,UK
The work is to be handled and claimed in Hong Kong,China. Please contact Beijing Poly Auction Modern and Contemporary Department’s staff for further details.