A ROMANCE AMONG BLOOMING ROSESⅢ The Meiyintang and Ten-Views Lingbi Rock Retreat Collection of Three Dynasties Imperial Ceramics

5476 | a rare blue and white dated seal

a rare blue and white dated seal

Author: --

Size: 6.4×6.5×4.5cm

Signed and dated: --


Final Price: RMB 1,450,000

Dated Chinese Antiquities 600-1650,S.Riddell,fig63
The Marks of Chinese’ Ceramic,Yihua Tong,p171,fig67H
Xuande Eight-Character Mark
Christie’s London,16 October 1969,Lot45
E Gordon Morrill Collection
Doyle New York,16 September 2003,Lot94
Christie’s Hong Kong,30 May 2012,Lot3971
Museum of Fine Arts Boston,1971