Poly 2008 Autumn Modern and Contemporary Art Auctions

2008-11-05 15:36:26

Beijing Poly 2008 autumn auctions will be held in Beijing from December 1st to 7th . Its modern and contemporary art part will launch four sessions: Chinese new and vigorous art; Asian contemporary art; modern and contemporary Chinese art, day sale; and modern and contemporary Chinese art, evening sale . Chinese New and Vigorous Art Auction includes works by about 60 excellent young artists and some worldwide recognized artists, such as Wu Mingzhong, He Sen, Gao Yu, Ou Yangchun, Chen Ke, Li Jikai, Tu Hongtao, Chen Liu, Guan Yong, Han Yajuan, Luo Qing, Li Qing, Li Wei, Chen Yufei, Lin Jingjing, Wang Yabin, Dong Wensheng, Cui Jie, Wang Yaqiang, Wang Yuanzheng, and Zhang Xiaotao. Their works have some particular features, such as great theme, rich content, and good quality. These works have great investment and academic value that satisfy demand in contemporary art market and also reflect the trend of Chinese contemporary art development. Since the increasing attention on international contemporary art by the market, Beijing Poly decided to establish International Art Department for Asian contemporary art. Based on the successful experience gained in modern and contemporary Chinese art market and social network for collection and trade of international contemporary art, Beijing Poly modern and contemporary art department disclosed that artworks from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan will be sold in upcoming autumn auctions. Through aborative investigations, and visits to important art collectors and art institutions in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and East-South area, Beijing Poly have successfully collected many pieces of fine works for upcoming autumn auctions. Asian Contemporary Art Auction will have works by Japanese artists, including Yayoi Kusama¡¯s Pumpkin (oil on canvas, 91 x 72cm); also an important work by Korehiko Hino, and Ikki Miyake¡¯s Thinking¡¯(Wood sculpture, 209 x 59 x 98cm); works by Korean artists Kim TschangYeul and Yoo Yungmin¡¯s Apparition and Reality(oil on canvas, 85x122cm); works by Indonesia artists Budi Kustarto, Jumaldi Alfi, and Adi Kaneko¡¯s Maka Saatnya Tiba(oil on canvas, 135 x 98cm), as well as HamdanTT¡¯s CerminDunia(oil on canvas, 150 x 200cm). Ms. Xu Juan, manager of international art department, says, ¡°based on researches and experience gained in the international art market for years, we think Chinese contemporary art plays as a leader in the Asian contemporary art market. However, contemporary artists in other Asian countries also produce good quality works, and their prices are relatively low now. The Asian art market is developing to a brighter future, we expect collectors to enter the Asian contemporary art market with us in autumn.¡± Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art, Day & Evening Sales will be marked by ¡°Better quality, Less quantity¡±. Beijing Poly¡¯s modern and contemporary art day sale and evening sale are famous and well reputed in the market. Beijing Poly is confident to keep its position in the market this autumn. The manager of Beijing Poly modern and contemporary art department says ¡°Beijing Poly¡¯s evening sale will contain Zeng Fanzhi¡¯s early works including Mask and Grass series, and Andy Warhol series; Zhou Chunya¡¯s hugh piece Green Dog (199x249cm), which appears in art historical books; Yue Minjun¡¯s Sky-Animal-Human Being,which was published many times; Wang Guanyi¡¯s Freezing North Pole No.1¡¯and Mass Criticism ¨C Motorola; and Yin Zhaoyang¡¯s Paradise Lost. Beijing Poly will provide fine artworks that satisfy collectors¡¯ different demands and is looking forward to welcome art collectors from all over the world.