Beijing Poly held an exhibition for 2007 Spring Evening Auction at University of Hartford's club

2007-03-23 14:16:03

On March 21st, 2007, general manager of Beijing Poly International Auction, Da Li, and her team came to New York and held the first exhibition and cocktail party for upcoming Beijing Poly 2007 spring auction at a club of University of Hartford. There were more than hundred people participating in this event, including experts from Museums in New York, famous art collectors, the cultural counselor from embassy of P.R. China in New York, and journalists from more than twenty American medias. This exhibition showed more than twenty masterpieces from upcoming 2007 spring auction. Tianhu Chang, who is the art majordomo of Beijing Poly introduced about sixty pieces of important art works from upcoming 2007 spring auction by using PowerPoint. Beijing Poly International Auction will hold its 2007 spring auction at the end of May in Beijing. This spring auction will show many masterpieces of Chinese contemporary art, Chinese oil painting, Chinese ancient painting and calligraphy, Chinese modern painting and calligraphy, Chinese ceramics, and rare books and manuscripts to art collectors in the world. Moreover, Beijing Poly will hold the first extravagant evening auction in China at the same time. As the best auction house in China, Beijing Poly International Auction was found as the second cultural platform by China Poly Group Corp. Poly Art Museum was the first cultural platform invested by China Poly Group Corp. It is famous by spending large amount of money to salvage Yuanmingyuan (Garden of Perfect Splendor)¡¯s cultural relic. Its collections of ancient Chinese bronze and ancient Chinese stone sculptures belong to the highest standard of the world. Beijing Poly is famous in China by auctioning high end art works. It is unique in the field of Chinese contemporary art and Chinese contemporary oil painting in the world market. In the field of Chinese traditional painting, Chinese ceramics, rare books and manuscripts, and jewelry, Beijing Poly is also an auction house of powerful strength. Beijing Poly is the first Chinese auction house going to America in order to develop the foreign market. Along with the fast growth of Chinese economy, there are two main trends in the market. One is high end Chinese cultural relic are returning to China from foreign countries. Another one is many masterpieces of Chinese contemporary art are going to foreign markets. To follow these trends, Beijing Poly commits itself to contribute its effort for exchange and corporation in the international cultural art market. This exhibition and party have gotten attentions from American museums, art collectors, and media. Many art collectors are very interested in performances of several art works from upcoming 2007 spring auction. The general manager, Da Li, detailedly answered questions from media and guests. Besides the exhibition and party, Beijing Poly is also collecting art works in America.