Tracing the Tradition for the New Artistic Creation

2012-02-07 16:56:55

----- Poly Auction Preparing the Fourth Exhibition of ¡°The Twelve Most Famous Modern Chinese Painters¡±



Co-organized by Poly Art Museum and Poly International Auction Co., Ltd., the Exhibition of ¡°The Twelve Most Famous Modern Chinese Painters¡± has become one of the most influential events in the field of Chinese Art and it is going to have the fourth event.

The Twelve most famous Chinese Painters represent the greatest achievement of traditional Chinese paining and calligraphy. Facing their paintings, people are always deeply touched by the beauty of great art and realize that it is our obligation to present these fantastic artwork to the public, so that their names will be remembered better by the public.

Based on the former successful experience, Poly Auction has started the preparation for the fourth exhibition of the ¡°The Twelve Most Famous Modern Chinese Painters¡±, which will present the paintings of REN Bonian, WU Changshuo, QI Baishi, HUANG Binhong, XU Beihong, PAN Tianshou, LIN Fengmian, ZHANG Daqian, FU Baoshi, LI Keran, LU Yanshao and HUANG Zhou. More than 300 pieces of paintings will be exhibited and collectively published in the exhibition¡¯s catalogue. To collect the most paintings of these famous Chinese painters, we sincerely hope that the collectors of modern Chinese painting will participate in this event.


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