Artwork Collection of Calligraphy of Famous Chinese Cultural Figures

2012-03-11 10:08:31

¡°The Union of Yin and Yang --- Calligraphy of Famous Chinese Cultural Figures¡±

for 2012 Spring Sale


 With the introduction of epigraphy sphragistics and western aesthetic theory to the Chinese scholars and artists in the last century, Chinese calligraphy regained its vitality. The Department of Modern Chinese Painting of Poly Auction is preparing a special sale dedicated to ¡°Calligraphy of Famous Chinese Cultural Figures¡±, which will present the history of Chinese calligraphy, the collision of Chinese and Western cultures and  the conflict between and traditional and popular style of calligraphy.

 We are currently collecting the calligraphy-work of the famous Chinese cultural and political figures between the Qing Dynasty and the foundation of People¡¯s Republic of China, such as ZHAO Zhiqian, WU Changshuo, KANG Youwei, LIANG Qichao, SUN Zhongshan, HU Shi, YU Youren, SHEN Yinmo, HONG Yi, XIE¡¡Wulang, GUO Moruo, SHA Menghai, LIN Sanzhi, QI Gong, ZHAO Puchu, SHU Tong, XU Bangda etc.

 Yin and Yang contains the two opposite sides of the world; white and black also represent people¡¯s understanding of the world, life and aesthetics. The work of calligraphy by famous Chinese cultural figures will present the multiple dimensions of Chinese people¡¯s philosophy of beauty.

The artists whose work that we collect include:

 ZHAO Zhiqian, WU Changshuo, KANG Youwei, LIANG Qichao, ZHANG Xueliang, ZHANG Boju, YUAN Kewen, QI Baishi, ZHANG Daqian, PU Xinyu, YU Youren, CHEN Lifu, HU Shi, XIE Wuliang, SHEN Zengzhi, SHEN Yinmo, WANG Quchang, HONG Yi, LIN Sanzhi, GUO Moruo, KANG Sheng, DENG Tuo, SHA Menghai, LU Weizhao, ZHAO Puchu, SHU Tong, QI Gong, XU Bangda etc.

 The list does not contain all the artists that we collect. For more information, please consult the persons in charge:


 Project Director£ºZHAO Xu
 Academic Consultant: LI Xuesong
 Contact£º LI Simo, QIAO Yaning, MENG Chao, ZHANG Zhihao
 Tel: 010-64082691¡¢64082437.