2007 Evening Sale: Shi Xinning£¬Tiananmen NO.1

2007-04-24 14:30:41

Shi Xinning¡¯s paintings has once caused severely debating, he used some leaders¡¯ image making fantasy juxtaposition, but which does not affect the market of Shi Xinning¡¯s works. Shi Xinning¡¯s oil paintings are often regarded as a destructive representation of past politics language. His painting has an image effect of black-white news photo, in which all elements of different space and times juxtaposed constructing a phantom realistic image. This Tiananmen No.1 looks like a piece of black-white photo picture, recording one corner of the Tiananmen Square. It is not the same scene as what we see everyday, here the square looks like a waste land, there are not any people existing on the square. The political allegory paintings of Shi Xinning challenged us the former recognition to the political icons, he makes a kind of authentic phantom with the artificial images.