The Feelings for the Region of Kapok ¡ª¡ª The Exhibition of the Lingnan School of Art Presented by P

2012-05-03 17:51:33

In the history of Modern Chinese Art, there are five most active regional schools of art, namely the schools of Shanghai, Lingnan, Jingjin, Chang¡¯an and New Jinling.


Rising after 1840 in Shanghai, the Shanghai School of Art has had extraordinary achievement in calligraphy, painting and seal, whose academic studies and market value have been fully developed. With masters such as SHI Lu and ZHAO Wangyun, the Chang¡¯an School of Art won a nationwide recognition in 1980s. With the development of the art market in Beijing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, the Jinjing and New Jinling Schools of art have naturally gained the recognition of collectors. However, the Lingnan School of Art who is the summit of the realism in the history of Modern Chinese art has fallen behind the other fours schools in academic study and market.


In every generation of Lingnan School of Art, we can find several masters. However, its artistic achievement hasn¡¯t gained enough attention. This exhibition will contribute to strengthen the study of Lingnan School of Art.


The Exhibition of Lingnan School of Art presented by Poly Auction will be the first exhibition organized by non-governmental organizations. It will gather the works of GAO Jianfu, GAO Qifeng, CHEN Liren, GUAN Shanyue ,LI Xiongcai, ZHAO Shao¡¯ang, YANG Shanshen, LIN Yong, FANG Chuxiong etc. The themes of painting will cover landscape, flower-and-bird painting and portrait. Through this exhibition, the collectors nationwide will better understand the importance of Lingnan School of Art.


After this exhibition, some of the paintings exhibited will be presented in the sale of ¡°Retrospective Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting¡± in Poly Auction¡¯s 2012 spring sale.