Modern and Contemporary Arts 2012 Spring Sales Introduction

2012-05-09 16:35:16

We are honored to annouce the forth coming sale of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art Spring Auction. The sale will cover a total of seven topics in the span of modern art history of China.

[Masterpices of Wu Guanzhong]

In this session, you will find the opportunity to encounter the very best of Wu Guanzhong¡¯s work, some for the very first time, such as The Lotus Pond, painted in 1997, is one of the largest ink paintings £¨143cm*369cm£©by Wu and has been in every major exhibition and publication since its execution. The Morning of Zizhu Park, first painted in the spring of 1937, is represented in exquisite and vivid brushstrokes. This work has been published in seven major books.

[Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art Evening Sale] 

All works in our evening sale has been carefully selected that such quality cannot be found elsewhere. Here you will find masterpieces by artists from all periods of the Chinese art history. Zao Wou-ki is one of the most influential Chinese artists in both China and Europe. We have picked works from different periods of his artistic creation, among which the ¡°4.2.65¡±and ¡°14.11.74¡±mark the artist¡¯s most important transitional period¡£ Wang Huaiqing has created artistic language and symbols that are only unique to the artist himself, and thus each one of his works is irreplacable. As for the contemporary artists, we present to you Zhang Xiaogang (Young Girl Against A Blue Background), Wang Guangyi (The Back of a Woman), Fang Lijun (For Worldcup), and Zeng Fanzhi¡¯s early work from the Mask series. Younger artists have performed exceptionally well in the market in recent years, we have gathered the works of Xie Nanxing, Qiu Xiaofei and Jia Aili.

[Early 20th century Oil Paintings in China]

We believe that history cannot repeat itself, neither can art. For this session of the sale, we have gathered the works of over twenty masters of early 20th century art, including Xu Beihong, Lin Fengmian, Pan Yuliang, Zao Wou-ki, Chu Teh-chun, Sanyu, Chen Baoyi. Most of these works have been beloved by over-sea collectors for over decades, their reappearance in the Chinese market marks its own historical moment.

[The Human Body]

¡°The Exhibition of the Human Bodies¡± in 1988 was an extraordinary historical event. Some of the works from the exhibition are to be included in the sale, such as those of Yang Feiyun and Wang Yidong,  as well as works of the other participating artists, including Ai Xuan, Chao Ge, He Daqiao, Shi Liang, Wei Rong, Xue Yanqun, Zhang Hongnian, Liu Xiaodong.

[China Realism in Xin Jiang]

Led by pioneers of the China Realism Group, over 50 artists travelled to numerous places in Xin Jiang to catch the beauty of their people and culture of such magnificent land.

[Designer¡¯s Furniture and Products]

We are proud to be the first auction house in China to promote the designer¡¯s market. Over 100 pieces by renowned Chinese and International designers are surely to fullfill different needs for your home and personal interests.

[Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art Day Sale]

For our Day Sale, there are going to be nearly two hundred pieces of art works ranging in different periods, style and subject matters£¬we hope to give you the best possible range of choices.