Poly 2007 Evening Sale: Liu Ye, LOST BALANCE

2007-04-25 11:33:15

In the Lost Balance, there are three little sailor's images. The scene of the story is very interesting; it seems like in one building of Chinese characteristic, of which the windows and the doors forms are Chinese style. But, the floor of the room actually is black and white brick, looks like the chess checkerboard of westernization. Two young sailors are dressing the sunglasses, sitting like blind men in front of the window, the one of left is reading a book with the cover of Mondrian¡¯s compositions; and the right one in shadow, carrying on the shoulder a bayonet gun, is touching a painting of lotus with oriental style. There is another one with telescopes standing behind them, but his telescope is facing the front column. Outside of the window, there is a battleship that was sinking. There is a curved rainbow hanging in the sky, reflecting the auspicious atmosphere. In this work, all elements are not the balanced, just like the title of the work, everything here lost the balance.