Beijing Poly Guangzhou Collection

2012-08-06 16:11:56

The Beijing Poly Auction will launch the public Collection in Aug 11th to 12th in Guangzhou Westin Hotel which is located in No.6 Lin He Zhong Lu Street, Tian He District. This collection include ancient and modern paintings and calligraphies, stamps, bronze mirrors, jewels,and watches. The market confidence survey will be held at the same time and the presents are prepared for all the participants. Online and telephone appointment are available for collectors who cannot arrive, and our experts would like to offer a home interview.


In March 2012, Beijing Poly held the collection in Guangzhou and received favorable response. Part of lots were exhibited in ' School of Lingnan selected artwork exhibition ' at Poly museum and received noticeable hammer price in the auction time, especially Chen Dayu, master of South China faction, his painting ' news for spring ' reached £¤322.7500 as the personal maximum price.


Beijing Poly Guangzhou Public Collection

Location: 6th floor ,Huang Hall, Guangzhou Westin Hotel ( No.6 Lin He Zhong Lu Street, Tian He District)

Scope and contact:

Chinese Modern and Contemporary Calligraphies and Paintings

010-64082159/010-64082691 E-mail:


Chinese Ancient Calligraphies and Paintings

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Stamps, Coins, Bronze Mirrors

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Jewels and Watches

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