Poly 2007 Evening Sale: Wu Guanzhong£¬Rich Mansion

2007-04-26 13:43:58

The last Lot of Poly 2007 Evening Sale is Wu Guanzhong's "Rich Mansion", which was painted in 1985. This art work has been published many times. In 1986, this piece was exhibited in Singapore, and was bought by Mr. Lin Shaoming at RMB 1,650,000. After 20 years, this art work will be auctioned in Beijing Poly' Evening Sale again. There are no other comments than Wu Guanzhong¡¯s own words on this painting can perfectly represent the artistic intention of the master. Wu said that, the Rich Mansion surrounded by a form construction. The big black roofs, the big black windows and the dark green pool connected with the lines of branches and walls served together to guard for the mansion. These forms did not stand separately; they embraced and supported each other, existed in a relationship of harmony. In addition, the picture gave spectators a sense of moving. The roof facing at the pool, just like a man, its emotion also became excited for the activity of water. The big black of the window in the left of the picture stood steady at its position regardless of its relationship with the wall. The wall, which did also regardless of the windows¡¯ departure, wanted to connect with the branches. The white walls all surrounded by these dark forms, become the focus of the picture. There is a smaller window in the heart of the white wall, in front of which stood a man. The black stairs connected with the dark hole of the bridge, from which water flowed out into the pool. There are several white geese swimming in the pool, formed a harmony relationship with the white wall. The artist wanted to represent the Chinese traditional landscape with western oil painting language, expressing his feeling to the China culture and heritage. The Rich Mansion is also a milestone in the development of Chinese contemporary oil paintings. Here it supplies an opportunity for the collectors again.