Wang Zhenpeng Landscape Cut Ribbon in Poly Autumn Sales

2012-12-04 22:11:37

Dec. 4th evening sale of Chinese classical paintings &calligraphies in Poly International Auction witnessed a climax of over 100 million transaction just by 1 piece of LANDSCPAE by Wang Zhenpeng in Yuan Dynasty,being the 1st breaking lines in 2012 autumn sales, at RMB 101.2million.Zhao Xu, executive director, commented it as a strong signal of market confidence.


This painting portraits South of Zhejiang province in Yuan dynasty with 1607 people, 494 buildings,68 boats,108 animals and 87 birds, a complete picture of vivid life.

Wang Zhenpeng Landscape

Handscroll Ink on silk 
       48.7¡Á950 cm
       RMB 101,200,000