A Magnificent Imperial Jadeite Mythological Chimera Water Vessel Set a Benchmark in Autumn Sales

2012-12-06 21:23:38

Qian Long Period, Fine Jade SHUICHENG

38.2cm,Qianlong Mark

RMB 49,450,000

At 21:40 on Dec.5th,  LOT 5710  A Magnificent  Imperial Jadeite Mythological Chimera Water Vessel started its auction from RMB 28 million and ended at 43 million after 23 round of ¡°fighting¡± among bidders and finally transacted at 49.45 million with premium added. It ,at the length of more than 38 centimeters, became the top in jade accessories for display, whose provenance is J.P.Morgan.


Li Yizhou,general manager of Antiques and Ceramics, expressed that the buyer is a Chinese, so it is great to see a top jade artwork return home after a century and it also set a benchmark for jade artwork for display in market price.