Beijing Poly 2012 Autumn Sales concluded with 2.3 billion

2012-12-10 12:26:30

Dec.7th evening witnessed a result of RMB 2.3 billion of total transaction in Beijing Poly 2012 autumn sales, which put Beijing Poly in top position in 9 consecutive years. As of Dec.7th, Beijing Poly has achieved 6.08 billion of total transaction volume in 2012.

Wang Zhenpeng¡¯s Landscape was transacted at 101.2 million, and Qibaishi¡¯s Ode to Motherland was sold at 82.8 million with premium included. A Magnificent  Imperial Jadeite Mythological Chimera Water Vessel whose provenance is J.P. Morgan was auctioned at 49.45 million setting a benchmark in jadeite fine artwork for display. Porcelain paintings of six sets by Wang Qi, Wang Yeting refreshed a record by a transaction price of 32.775 million. One of Guangyunlou collection of books JUSONGGUANGYUN  broke a record at 34.5 milllion. Liu Yi¡¯s modern painting 2008 Beijing was sold at 19.55 million, a new record for Liu Yi¡¯s works.   

Wang Zhenpeng Landscape

        RMB 101,200,000



Qi Baishi Ode to Motherland

RMB 82,800,000



A Magnificent  Imperial Jadeite Mythological Chimera Water Vessel

RMB 49,450,000

        Beijing Poly International Auction owns a gratitude to consigners, collectors, media, experts and other people who have supported Poly. Poly has progressed and performed well even in economy downturn. Poly is determined to provide better service in artwork investment in upcoming 2013 spring sales.