2007 Evening Sales: Yang Feiyun£¬Relaxation

2007-05-11 10:09:15

Yang Feiyun¡¯s profound comprehension and precise annotation to the classical painting technique does not need any superfluous description. Certainly, the representation of inner world is also Yang Feiyun¡¯s another appealing factor. In the relaxation, which retains Yang Feiyun¡¯s consistent classical realistic subtle. In the picture, the figure¡¯s identity will not affect the expression of her spirit connotation. The girl's posture and the black cat enabled the work to have some symbolic meaning. It is important that the artist captured the facial expression of the figure and painted it, which revealed the irresistible charm of the girl. The girl¡¯s posture reflected his inner psychological activity; the moment of this activity was caught precisely by the artist.