2007 Evening Sales: Ai Xuan, Expecting the Sun in Winter

2007-05-15 15:46:53

Ai Xuan, a successful painter in contemporary China, focuses his paintings on the lives of Tibetan people. Unlike Chen Danqing, ---- another important Chinese painter who was famous for depicting the hardships of Tibetan lives ---- Ai Xuan is very good at depicting the mysterious spiritual world of Tibetan people. Ai Xuan used to convey the feelings and thoughts of Tibetan people by depicting rival details such as eye beam, the frowns, and the movement of hairs. The compositions of most of his paintings are rather simple, while almost all of his paintings are fairly moving. It is difficult to tell why Ai Xuan¡¯s paintings are so touching. There is sense of loneliness throughout these paintings. The Expecting the Sun in Winter is the portrait of a Tibetan father, who holds his son in his arms and is sitting in a snow land. There is a Tibetan Knife beside them, which is the symbol of Tibetan spirit. It is a cold dawn in a cold winter, the father and the son is waiting for the sunrise. They are lonely and full of courage. The rigid outline of the father¡¯s face and the innocent eyes of the child tell us that they never fear of anything. They are full of hope and strength, and prefer to expect the sun in a cold snow land in winter rather than wait for the gentle spring in a warm house. They believe that it is the coldness of winter and the hope for the sun which could make them strong persons. It is the spirit of Tibetan people, ---- strong descendant of strong ancestors.