2007 Evening Sales: Zeng Fanzhi, Andy Warhol

2007-05-15 15:55:14

While most modern Chinese most artists take vital political and social problems as the themes of their works, Zeng Fanzhi cares about human spirit rather than any event outside. He wants to show us the passive influences of the unhealthy modern society on human spirit. He has created several series, which take hospitals, meats, masks as themes respectively. His nervous lines, which are the ¡®brand¡¯ of his paintings, leave a chaos on his paintings. One could correctly take the chaos as the representation of the spiritual world of the painter. In other word, his paintings are the traces of his thoughts and his feelings. It is the reason that Zeng Fanzhi is regarded as an expressionist. When Zeng Fanzhi began to produce Andy Warhol, he wanted to take Andy Warhol, the great artist on Western contemporary art who has obscured the borderline of art and daily life, as the media to convey his own idea of the uncertainty of the world. Just as Andy Warhol was born to make a mess in the world of fine art, Zeng Fanzhi is born to confuse his audience by the chaos in his paintings. No one could escape from the chaos of his own life in front of Zeng Fanzhi¡¯s paintings. These paintings would make people shocked and embarrassed, so that they would learn to face the cruel reality.