2007 Evening Sales: Shi Liang£¬Confused

2007-05-16 15:27:48

Shi Liang is a young artist with fundamental trained skill of painting. In his works, Shi focused on connecting the truth of his life experience with the inner spirit world of painted figures. Sometimes, the spiritual expression of the latter¡¯s overcome the limitation of realistic drawing of the former, so that the painting of Shi Liang has somewhat an introspected sense of inner spirit. The title of the Confused reflects the moral perplexity and sensual anxiety with the iconography narration of an allegory story. The composition of the picture is simple, there is a couple in the main space of the painting, and the man is painted in blue, the woman is red. There is also a mirror hung on the door, which makes viewers associate the mirror in the Van Eyck¡¯s Arnolfini Portrait. It is different between these two icons in that the mirror here is not the reflection of the artist self, but an absent of him, the absented space is replaced by a nude woman. The refusal gesture of the man makes clear the origination of the temptation, which roots in the moral crisis of current society.