Poly 2007 Evening Sale:Ling Huitao, Have being in the Barber Shop for One Hour ¡­

2007-05-23 17:45:18

The Have being in the Barber Shop for One Hour ¡­is a wonderful painting by Ling Huitao, an outstanding artist from An Hui province. The painting is featured by mixed times and spaces. There are people from every historical period, such as Tang dynasty, Qing dynasty, and modern. They are gathered in a small town in An Hui province. The narrow streets of the town and the serious expressions of these people make the painting depressive. All of them are praying, as if there is an important religious ceremony. In the middle of the painting, however, there is a man who is having his hairs cut at a barber shop. It is absurd that these people are praying for such a trivial detail in a man¡¯s daily life. But the artist means serious. He indicates that ceremonies have the great power to transfer a trivial event into an important and influential one, which is dangerous in that it could easily lead to public movement. China, of course, is a nation that has suffered from such a movement for more than ten years.