Poly 2007 Evening Sale:Zhou Chunya, Heigen is running

2007-05-23 17:49:34

Zhou Chunya is one of the outstanding artists among the new generation after the culture revolution and has got his fame for two paintings depicting the lives of Tibetans. Unlike other artists, he gave up the Tibetan theme which he was familiar with and went to Germany to study the New Expressionism. Then he went back to China and began to explore his own style. When many artists went to Beijing to look for fame and fortune in 1990s, Zhou Chunya decided to stay in Chengdu, which was a rather quite place then. He started producing his Dogs ---- what we have here is part of this series ---- series in 1997, and his pet became his model. In these paintings, the dog is either alone or companied by a man. Zhou Chunya depicted his dogs with expressive brush strokes. Some dogs are baking as if they want to attack somebody, while others are quiet and tame so that people could easily find that they are in a great self-repression. As the descent of wolf, it is not easy for dogs to live with human being. They have to repress their cruel nature and learn to ingratiate themselves with human so that they could make a living in human society. Zhou Chunya¡¯s paintings have displayed their suffering from the tough situation, which is also our situation when we have to live with pressure both from our strict surroundings and from the necessity to deal with all kinds of relationships.