Poly 2007 Evening Sale:Lu Jianjun ¡°Bracelet¡±

2007-05-26 11:10:24

In ¡°Bracelet¡±, Lu Jianjun puts the main character in an oblique structure against an open space and time zone. It looks so succinct and thin naturally. The unique appearance, the open space and the surreal color tone put together to produce an effect of very personal and subjective mood, which seemingly explored an unknown private world for a pure and personal human nature. As a sensitive artist, Lu expressed his ability and skills in molding the substantial sincerity, change of cold light, real sense of the Chinese style and vivid facial expression into a piece of art. It shows artist¡¯s unquestionable mastery of his materials and a palpable insight into the human mindset. The painting is provokingly and a unique example of combination of contemporary and classical art.