Poly 2007 Evening Sale: Xu Bin£¬New English Calligraphy Series

2007-05-26 11:12:07

The New English Calligraphy of Xu Bin has become a sign of internationalized Chinese contemporary art. Essentially, New English Calligraphy is a fusion of written English and written Chinese. The letters of an English word are slightly altered and arranged in a square word format so that the word takes on the ostensible form of a Chinese character, yet remains legible to the English reader. As people attempt to recognize and write these words, some of the thinking patterns that have been ingrained in them since they learned to read are challenged. It is the artists' belief that people must have their routine thinking attacked in this way. While undergoing this process of estrangement and re-familiarization with one's written language, viewers are reminded that the sensation of distance between other systems of language and one's own is largely self-induced.