1650 | HUANG YUXING Painted in 2017 YOUNG TREES


Author: HUANG YUXING 黄宇兴

Size: 200×320cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 2017


Final Price: RMB 1,800,000

signed in pinyin and dated 2017
Young Tree is one of the most impressive pieces of Huang Yuxing’s series of works with the theme of “Woods”. The subject of the painting is a row of growing young trees in a closed courtyard, which are overlapped and echoed with the trees outside the wall in the background. Take a closer look, every tree is like a life fallen into the soil, the tree body looks like crystal. In layers of spread colors and lines, it radiates exuberant vitality, uneasiness and intenseness.
Huang Yuxing’s “Woods” series started around 2010, parallel to several themes such as “River” and “Treasure”, they converged with each other as well. From the perspective of inspiration, “Bush” is a proposition about “growth”, which is different from the “River” about time. It is vertical and has more personal feelings about growth in life. This keen insight and performance of life undercurrent in the deep heart has penetrated Huang Yuxing’s entire art career so far.