0075 | ZHANG DAQIAN flower hanging scroll


Author: ZHANG DAQIAN 张大千

Size: 116×41cm

Signed and dated: --


Final Price: RMB 520,000

At a very young age,under the influence of his elder siblings,Zhang Daqian grew a strong interest with traditional paintings and literature. He had even gone to Japan to further study the painting techniques. After returning to China,he became student of two famous masters,Zeng Xi and Li Ruiqing. Zhang became well known throughout the country at a very young age. He was deeply influence by Shi Tao and Ba Da,there’s a saying that his imitations on their paintings could be mistaken as the original.
His path of self-improvement does not stop here,he continues to travel around to visit famous scenery and kept an open mind to all new ideas,eventually all these became an inspiration for his artworks. ‘To be an artist,you have to learn from the past renowned masters through imitations then transform their experience into your own understanding and apply on your creation. This is a simple theory yet only a few could achieve. One of them is Zhang Daqian,’ said by Xu Beihong.
Nowadays,his artworks were highly valuable,even back then they were a rare collection for the rich and officials.In the selection of ‘Four Masters across the Taiwan Strait’,we had gathered artworks of Zhang Daqian from various periods and subjects.