0080 | PU RU Calligraphy mounted


Author: PU RU 溥儒

Size: 69.5×34.5cm

Signed and dated: --


Final Price: RMB 110,000

Pu Ru,the descendent of the Qing royal family in China,is one of the four great literati artists in Taiwan. He was born in the royal court and had a profound accumulation of knowledge. Pu Ru was dedicated to the study in poetry,prose,calligraphy,and painting. He excelled at mountain and water,figure and flower painting and was equally good at calligraphy. While his style is unique,and as he puts ’my painting techniques are all learned from the experiences imitating ancients artworks.’ Mr. Pu enjoyed a high reputation in literacy and the atmosphere presented by his artworks are unparalleled.Due to political reason,in 1949,he had to relocate to Taiwan and became a professor at the Department of Art of National Taiwan Normal University. As time passed by,the homesickness and his anxiety expressed in his works even became a topic and was brought to public’s discussion. As a vivid human being,the genuine emotion emerged from his deep-inside and his paintings worth more attention from the collectors who has great passion in Chinese ink paintings. The collection we present this year,focusing on the outstanding artworks by Pu Ru from all periods,though the quantity is limited,the implications and the spirits are infinite.