0110 | HUANG JUNBI Dated 1967 Landscape In Autumn mounted

Landscape In Autumn

Author: HUANG JUNBI 黄君璧

Size: 50×89cm

Signed and dated: Dated 1967


Final Price: RMB 62,000

At a very young age,Huang Junbi was already in love with art. In the early stage of his education,he started learning about western sketches and colors then specialized in Chinese traditional painting. At the age of 21,he had the opportunity to meet many major collectors in Guangzhou and look at their collections of the old masters. During this period of time,he had imitated no less than three hundred paintings from different dynasties. This experience built a solid foundation for his future career. He utilized the techniques of Shi Xi on the mountains and the techniques from Shi Tao to finalize his works.Before moving to Taiwan,his artwork styles were more on meticulous birds and figures. After residing in Taiwan in the late 50s,he created more landscapes of various sizes with bold strokes and strong outlines on the mountains then embellished with playful colors. Especially in his late years,he had his own style of waterfalls,creating the visual effect of the nature scene with his skilful techniques. He had also travelled around the world’s famous waterfalls to refine and reflect on his paintings.