0114 | YU YOUREN Calligraphy hanging scroll


Author: YU YOUREN 于右任

Size: 120×51cm

Signed and dated: --


Final Price: RMB 100,000

Yu Youren,had been named in various titles,aside from his appointment as chief supervisor for the government he had also owns himself a nickname of the“Thousand year master of cursive script.”Yu had a very special personality which brings the people together and promoted on cursive script with a few principles; easy to understand,easy to write also looks proper. He’s the one that standardize the ancient writing style in this modern society. He had started with clerical script and regular script in his early years,and studied cursive script in his middle age. With the influence of Wei tablets,that had aided his cursive writing with strong and powerful strokes. In different stages of his life,he had all significant personality imposed on his writings which becomes a must to be own for the modern collectors. Not only that he is good at writings,he also writes many famous poem. In many of them that had expressed his feeling towards his hometown and motherland.