3317 | PANG JUN Painted in 2021 LANDSCAPE


Author: PANG JUN 庞均

Size: 100×200cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 2021


Final Price: RMB 850,000

signed in Chinese, dated 2013 and sealed
Pang Jun was influenced by his father Pang Xunqin, a forerunner of modern Chinese art. He studied painting at Hangzhou National College of Art and National Peking College of Art. He studied under the tutelage of painting masters such as Lin Fengmian, Pan Tianshou, Wu Zuoren, and Li Keran, and is also the last disciple of Xu Beihong. Upholding artistic philosophy like that of his predecessors, Pang Jun advocates the fusion of Chinese and Western art. His works pioneer an Eastern freehand painting style, integrating Western modern art with the poetic temperament of Chinese literati paintings.
Pang Jun was born in Shanghai, but his ancestral home is Changshu, Jiangsu. The gorgeous region of rivers and lakes south of the Yangtze River is his homeland, which has nurtured his poetic character. It is the source of inexhaustible materials for his paintings, and the best example for integrating the ink and wash paintings and oil painting techniques. The works with the theme of “Guilin landscape” are the consummate masterpieces.
Landscape, created in 2021, is Pang Jun’s latest work, which shows his passionate artistic vitality. This painting exhibits the surreal world of vast landscape with a long scroll . In the 2m-wide artwork, he makes use of colors and lines to bring about the fusion of form and meaning. The green color with a gray tone highlights the scenery of Jiangling with the landscape in the drizzling weather. On the left and right of the foreground are clusters of pink and white flowers, betokening the spring. The undulating branches and leaves with varying colors and thickness are characteristic of the freehand style. Two mountains are depicted respectively on the left and right of the middle part. The mountains are painted in the colors of changing tones such as gray green, grass green, cobalt blue, and brown, conveying poetic significance in the multi-dimensional oil painting with rich hues. The three boats in the picture strikes a balance of the dynamic and static, and also create an artistic conception of “the boat is moving on the clear water, and the viewer is like traveling in a picture”. The viewer seems to be taking a boat trip. The water waves show the reflections of the peaks in the unparallel landscape.
In Pang Jun’s paintings, whether the towering mountains or the tranquil streams, these elements all show signs of attachment to the homeland. From these works, we feel the splendid achievements and peaceful inner mind of a painter who has seen the vicissitudes of life, and also the influence of the traditional artistic spirit on the Chinese literati. The painting integrating the eastern and western art demonstrates the dreamlike artistic conception and the product.