3216 | DI QING Painted in 2019 SUMMER RECREATION


Author: DI QING 狄青

Size: 175×82cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 2019


Final Price: RMB 160,000

2019 Qu Qu · Collection – Di Qing / P66 / Hi Art Center

2019 Qu Qu • Collection – Di Qing solo Exhibition, Hi Art Center, Shang Hai

This work describes a warm scene of spending time with friends in the cool summer in free time. The boisterous kitten draws public attention. In particular, the monster opposite shows a concerned expression for the kitten and a curiosity about the transparent object on the neck of the cat. Flowers and bizarre rocks produce for the painting a mystical and elegant atmosphere, which is also depicted in a series of other works.
He moved from Taipei to Yokohama in the second half of 2018. A change in the environment bring new feelings in a subtle way. This work was just finished at that stage and may show similar but somewhat different clues to the previous one in a vague fashion.
The image of monster that was used frequently may be the last time it appeared on the picture. Therefore, this Summer Recreation may have some special significance in terms of creative development.