3218 | OUYANG CHUN Painted in 2011 FIREFLY


Author: OUYANG CHUN 欧阳春

Size: 170×170cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 2011


Final Price: RMB 850,000

signed and titled in Chinese, dated 2011 (on the reverse)
As a non-typical case of self-education in the contemporary arts community, Ouyang Chun’s paintings shows a natural sense of naivety, which forcefully resists the certain established tradition in contemporary realm of painting, and tries to return to the inner purity and seek the happiness belonging to the individuals. The painting Firefly is such a pure work full of the childhood elements, and is also one of the important child-related works created by the artist after the year 2010.
The paintings of Ouyang Chun often show the childish innocence, which at the first sight looks like some kind of doodling as in children’s drawings, full of zeal and deep curiosity. Different from the bold and thick color distribution and the apparent mood in most of his works, the Firefly shows the rare peaceful and tranquil element in his works through the night scene, which thus makes it quite special. In a quiet summer night, a boy is carrying his beloved soccer ball on the playground and is hesitant to go home, standing still in a night illuminated by numerous fireflies. The picture has some subtle texture like a blackboard chalk, which is consistent with the spiritual world of a “child”. Accompanied by fireflies, the child is gazing at a faraway place, when the time seems to come to a standstill. Probably, after he grows up years later, there will always be tender memories of fireflies in his company. Through such a sweet moment, the artist reveals a dilemma about life and growth: Children are often reluctant to return home, and it is the adults who are reluctant to grow old.