3219 | WEI JIA Painted in 2006 OUR TIME NO.1


Author: WEI JIA 韦嘉

Size: 170×140cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 2006


Final Price: RMB 650,000

signed in Chinese; signed and titled in Chinese, dated 2006(on the reverse)
Wei Jia is an artist born in 70s. His works created in recent two years and motive,. think mostly focus on the two themes. the real existence of exploring youth life and where the youth life belongs. t is firmly believed in this way not because his works relate the different forms, or the youth story engraved on bones and heart, but. kind of wilful self found spirit adventure. In another word, it is better to say that Wei Jia describes the growing life force than saying that he creates in the picture the dramatic scene effect. Imagination leaps on the cliff of the dreams. For Wei Jia believing an ordinary dream is. strong thinking resources, creative resources, feeling resources, enough for him to search for lonely self In ne fairy tale intentionally added with wings. He has not only works which makes people desperate and almost suffocated, works which belief faces up to questions, but also. calm endurance bearing in the heart torn up by soul lore traces are expressed in the subjects, from thinking of fatalist philosophy to description of youth experiences, his painting language and plot design as well. He either pays much attention to the fate of the figure, or observes self-inner heart. All these, in. final analysis present not lonely talent and feelings, but also self portray reducing internal heat at the period of puberty. Although it is faraway from the main body looking for self, these cruel works leave an exceeding feeling on the people. " Say goodbye. does not attract the visitors by magic imagination, but shake the visitors by human dissection, or self maltreatment, In fact, this roundabout relating is only for transmitting the young artists represented by him and their undertaking of the history supported by the new historicity, trying to build up an idealism viewpoint of the 70s generation. Although cartoon imagination penetrates in his works, his exploring for self had already have consciousness and let us understand the ideal characters of the 70s people. It is tolerate and generous, sharp, depressed, the most important is that it is reasonable and tenacious. At the same time, the simple relation may well be called self-thinking, and also it can reach the truth of reality and aesthetics. A series of painting skill is hidden in the form of simplicity. The picture plot is not complicated and spreads out around the memories of the youth, but language style, comparison between the old and the young, excavation of different and practical levels, and many detailed designing changes in his works, all show his deep and basic skill. The youth with memories either embody the conflict of memory and reality, or express. particular lyric quality.