3224 | MA WENTING Painted in 2016 LOVE AND SORROW


Author: MA WENTING 马文婷

Size: 210×147cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 2016


Final Price: RMB 120,000

signed and titled in Chinese, dated 2016 (on the reverse)
2016 Dissensus Agitation - The Painting To Language, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Ma Wenting’s works use poetic language to present the human emotional loss and spiritual pain under the background of the times. In her romantic and symbolic pictures, she is full of anxiety and the hopeless for survival. She extracts and separates the real scenery from the chaotic world, intercepts and cuts off their connection with the original surroundings through artistic means, reorganizes the fragments of reality and endows them with new significance. Besieged, closed, isolated and controlled, we weave a fragmented anti utopian world.