3225 | SONG YUANYUAN Painted in 2014-2015 SNOW WHITE



Size: 160×210cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 2014-2015


Final Price: RMB 120,000

signed in pinyin initial, dated 2014-2015
2016 Dissensus Agitation - The Painting To Language, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Song Yuanyuan focuses on new cultural forms which have emerged from the cross-over of Western culture into Eastern culture and vice versa. He takes a look at the fragmented symbols of Western culture, which commonly appear within Chinese society. He adopts these symbols, such as ornate antique picture frames, turniture and objects in Baroque style, combining them together with the ready-made objects and industrial landscapes of modern china. Through this approach, he reconciles the discrepancy between the reality of Western culture and these symbolic elements of Western culture in a Chinese context. Using painting as a tool, he tests and explores the different aesthetics of these two distinct cultures, by placing the distorted Western symbols as understood in Chinese reality back into a Western framework. Through this series of works, Song questions our understanding of this ”Fusion“ of cultures and what might arise from this fragmentation.