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The cylindrical jadeite bangle of excellent translucency, with intense green color, measuring approximately 56.89 mm (inner diameter), and 12.60 mm (thickness), weighing approximately 442 carats in total
HK Jade & Stone Lab, 2021, report no. KJ 102880, natural Fei Cui-Type A

The item is held under the bonded status, please check the NOTICE ON AUCTION OF BONDED LOTS in this catalogue for details.

This lot is a very fine jadeite bangle with considerably large size of 442 carats, measuring 12.60 mm thickness, inner diameter approximately 56.89 mm.
This jadeite bangle is a style thought to date back at least four thousand years, it resembles the circular shape for both outer and inner circles, resembling the most traditional styling of all jade jewelry. Though simplistic, it is considered the perfect form, and it has been expressed in both ancient poetry and modern pursuits. A smooth circle of jadeite wrapping the wrist is thought, even today, to bring peace and protection to its wearer. Jadeite bangles can be highly important pieces of jewelry. It is worthy of a family collection over generations.