1029 | GU WENDA Painted in 2001 FOREST OF STONE STEELS


Author: GU WENDA 谷文达

Size: 180×97cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 2001


Final Price: RMB 150,000

2005 Wenda GU: Forest of Stone Steles, Retranslation & Rewriting of Tang Poetry / P163 / Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House

The item is held under the bonded status, for more details, please see the Notice on Auction of Bonded Lots.

Retranslation & Rewriting of Tang Poem No.21
Tang Dynasty: Wang Changling Parting
With Hsin Chien At Hibiscus Inn
With this cold night-rain hiding the river, you have come into Wu.
In the level dawn, all alone, you will be starting for the mountain of Ch’u.
Answer, if they ask of me at Lo-yang:
"One-hearted as ice in a crystal vase.
(retranslated back to english by Wenda Gu)
A crane flies under the sun and colorful clouds. A silk veiled boat arrives at Er shore. Buddha swims surrounded by aroused and dancing women. Orioles play with wild ducks while a dragon bustles with noise and excitement at the lake. Ladies dressed in red decorate the courtyard with silk curtains and lamps. Know well that those ladies love to eat, and talk sweetly and passionately about men. Oh! The sea spirit talks to Xishi’s shadow, leaving tears, dried flowers and dead bamboo shoots on the stone.