1201 | WU DAYU Painted in 1980s UNTITLTED 56


Author: WU DAYU 吴大羽

Size: 53×38cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 1980s


Final Price: RMB 6,800,000

1996 Wu Dayu - The Great Master of Chinese New Wave Painting / P134-135/ Lin & Keng Gallery Inc
2006 Wu Dayu / P22 / Lin & Keng Gallery Inc
2013 Wu Dayu - Works of Representatives of Shanghai Artists in the Century / P71 / Shanghai Calligraphy & Painting Publishing House
2015 Wu Dayu’s Portfolio / P103 / People’s Fine Arts Publishing House
2020 The Collected Artworks of Wu Dayu / P135 / The Commercial Press

2001 Exhibition of Wu Dayu Paintings, National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan
2003 Wu Dayu’s Oil Painting Art Retrospective Exhibition – commemorating the 100th birthday of Mr. Wu Dayu, Shanghai Art Gallery, Shanghai
2015 Forgotten and Discovered Star - Wu Dayu Document Exhibition, Exhibition Hall of China Oil Painting Academy, Beijing
2016 Flying Feathers, Flying Over the Sky - Wu Dayu’s Poems and Paintings, Beijing Art Academy Art Museum, Beijing