1218 | GUO RUNWEN Painted in 1993 TRACE


Author: GUO RUNWEN 郭润文

Size: 80×80cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 1993


Final Price: RMB 3,500,000

1994 Guo Runwen Oil Painting Collection Publication / PL5 / Flower City Publishing House
1994 Document of Fine Arts: Post-Figure Art / P29 / Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House
1999 Contemporary Chinese Youth and Middle Aged Realist Oil Painters-Guo Runwen / P11 / Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House
1999 Criticism Articles of Contemporary Chinese Art: New Classic Art-The Echo from the End of the Century / P182 / YU Ding edited / Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House
2000 Contemporary Chinese Oil Paintings-Still-Life / P75 / Henan Fine Arts Publishing House
2001 Book of the Awarded Works on the 1st Chinese Oil Painting Biennale / PL2 / Milkyway Publication Co., Ltd.
signed in Chinese and dated 1993.4
1993 The 1st Chinese Oil Paintings Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

This painting was granted an Academic Award of the 1st Chinese Oil Painting Biennale in 1993