1219 | ZHAO BANDI Painted in 1990 ON THAT MORNING


Author: ZHAO BANDI 赵半狄

Size: 200×190cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 1990


Final Price: RMB 25,000,000

1993 China Avant-garde / Heidelberg Edition Braus
1999 The new generation of art: the existence of roaming / Pl8 / Jilin Art Publishing House
2008 Experience 20 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art / P103 / Hebei Art Publishing House

1993 Zhao Bandi and Li Tianyuan’s Exhibition, Tiandi Building, Beijing
1993 Chinese Avant-garde Art Exhibition, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
1993 Chinese Avant-garde Art Exhibition, Rotterdam Modern Art Museum, Rotterdam, Netherlands
1993 Chinese Avant - garde Art Exhibition, The Museum of Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, England
1994 Chinese Avant - garde Art Exhibition, Kunsthallen Brandts Kladefabrik, Odense, Denmark
2013 Guofeng - Chinese Oil Painting and Language Research Exhibition, Beijing
2015 The Temperature of history: CAFA and Chinese Representational Oil Painting, China Art Museum, Beijing
2017 Zhao Bandi: China Party, UCCA, Beijing

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