3323 | EDDIE MARTINEZ Painted in 2020 UNTITLED


Author: EDDIE MARTINEZ 艾迪·马丁内斯

Size: 76.2×101.6cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 2020


Final Price: RMB 1,100,000

signed English in initial, dated 2020
Private Collection

I started painting the image of a" sleeper "since 2005, and he looks like a boxer who fell down, but I think he should be anyone who feels discouraged, depressed or tired.
—Eddie Martinez
Known for its bold and bright colors and spontaneous lines, Brooklyn artist Eddie Martinez is good at creating mixed media paintings. Combined with oil paint, enamel paint, spray painting, oil pen, and even the daily necessities at hand, Martinez combines the highly expressive pictures with graffiti like strokes. His unrestrained figure and animal outline and abstract elements blend traditional and non-traditional painting methods. While reflecting the lightness
and freedom of contemporary culture, it also reflects important schools in the history of fine arts, such as action painting and New Expressionism in American Art in the 20th century, and the resulting European CoBrA group.
In 2020, Eddie Martinez created a series of new works during the period of home isolation due to the global epidemic. In the reflection of the present era and life, Martinez returned to his early creation theme, re explored the painting theme which had been shelved for many years and explored its multiple possibilities and deeper expressive power. The Untitled is one of the important works. In a tension and crowded picture, artists use nearly half of the canvas to describe a "sleeper". The sleeper lay on his side, wearing indigo blue trousers and sneakers, and black boxing gloves in his hand, and his face was deliberately covered with thick black lines “The composition of the sleeper is not unfamiliar to Martinez - as early as his artistic career was opened, Martinez had created a series of paintings on the theme of the sleepers. "I started painting the image of a" sleeper "since 2005, and he looks like a boxer who fell down, but I think he should be anyone who feels discouraged, depressed or tired," the artist wrote. The early image of the re excavation has brought new inspiration to Eddie Martinez. In addition to the work, the artist also released a limited screen print called sleeper in 2020.
This new work, Untitled, not only continues the classic painting image of Eddie Martinez, but also reflects the gradual maturity of artist’s artistic techniques and the evolution of aesthetic appreciation from many perspectives. In the sleep maker in 2006, the costumes, features and expressions of the boxer are clearly visible. Behind him, there are some common symbols of plants, snakes, eagles, castles and skull in the history of art. The background of the picture is covered with black paint, while leaving a large area of space. In the Untitled, the concrete signs are almost nonexistent, with only the skull covered by graffiti, black and white eyes and some color blocks floating around the "sleepers". All images and objects are inflated and are generally expanded into round squares, stacked like Tetris, making the black background no longer attractive. The effect of such expansion is the habit Martinez has developed in the studio in recent years - because he likes to use oil pen to write on paper speed and efficiency, artists gradually used to magnify small-size draft and re deduce the creation process on canvas. In addition, the Untitled boldly includes goose yellow, violet color, cherry pink and other high brightness and contemporary color. Although this kind of color is less reflected in the early creation, it continues the artist’s habit of using monochrome blocks and a large number of bright primary colors.
In this important work, we can also see the influence of abstract expressionism on Eddie Martinez in the 20th century. “The Sleeper" has been repeated in many works by Martinez with a large proportion of head and round eyes, thus showing the impression of Philip Gaston (1913-1980). The action of covering the light color paint on the thick black line or the existing base color not only reminds the viewer of Willem de Kooning’s painting, but also clearly conveys the artist’s choice - while "erasing" the original lines, the traces of the process still need to be preserved.
Eddie Martinez’s paintings are frank, free and unrestrained. In the seemingly limited canvas space, artists build a world full of vitality by planning the flowing boundary, filling the sky like color blocks, and various media. Untitled is a mature work which can reflect the classic style of Martinez. It reflects the artist’s strong interest in repeated experimental composition, his continuous criticism, introspection and breakthrough of artistic techniques, and his precise grasp and control of seemingly unrestrained works. In the long-term unremitting exploration, Martinez’s paintings have changed the way the viewer "looks", making the free style of color, line and composition be perceived.