0327 | YANG FEIYUN Painted in 1998 COMFORTABLE


Author: YANG FEIYUN 杨飞云

Size: 130×161.5cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 1998


Final Price: RMB 2,500,000

Selected Works of Chinese Contemporary Art (7) - Yang Feiyun / P114 / published by Taiwan Shan Art Museum, 2001
Art View of Contemporary Masters - Yang Feiyun (teaching part)/P34 / published by Hebei Education Publishing House, 2004
Lecture on the Teaching of Oil Painting Portraits in Eternal Moments / P97 / published by Hebei art Publishing House, 2002
signed in Chinese and dated in 1998
2001 Yang Feiyun’s solo exhibition, Taiwan Mountain Art Museum Tour Exhibition, Taipei Kaohsiung
2003 Yang Feiyun’s large solo exhibition tour exhibition, Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Hong Kong, Nanjing and other places