1127 | LIU XIAODONG Painted in 2010 TWO PEOPLE


Author: LIU XIAODONG 刘小东

Size: 150×140cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 2010

Estimate: 2,500,000 -3,500,000

Final Price: RMB 2,700,000

signed in Chinese and dated 2010
2019 All-Round 1978-2018 / P587 / Liu Xiaodong Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House

2010 Yan Guan Town-Liu Xiaodong’s solo Exhibtion Mary Boone Gallery, New York

As the leader of the new generation of Chinese painting, Liu Xiaodong was born in Jin Cheng, a small town in Jin Zhou, Liao Ning Province, in 1963. He entered the middle school attached to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1980 and graduated from the third studio of the oil painting department of the Central Academy of fine arts with excellent results in 1988. He received the most systematic, standardized and orthodox college education at that time. At the same time, his background in a small town in Northeast China, together with his family background, has enabled him to consciously reflect on everyday reality with a realistic modeling system.
In Liu Xiaodong’s works, the world is full of ups and downs of all living beings. Two People is one of them. In his works, the artist presents the characters in the painting in a common place in life. Among them, alienating the grand narrative style, eliminating the high-profile national praise, only through the casual natural creation of the picture, to achieve the random uptake of a certain life scene, without adding any artist’s personal will and attitude, but showing the artist’s indifferent and bystander psychology. Rather than saying that the situation represented by the picture is the artist’s own, it is actually a part of our daily visual resources, which makes people unconsciously search for those similar fragments in their own lives. Therefore, plain life has become Liu Xiaodong’s favorite artistic creation resources. In Liu Xiaodong’s own words,‘painting is an ancient art, which needs the nourishment of sunshine. Liu Xiaodong always has respect for realism. For him, art should be the appearance of realism. It should capture the visible reality in life and the subsequent body taste and perception. This may be the full meaning of art to Liu Xiaodong.