1134 | AI XUAN Painted in 1983 WILD WIND


Author: AI XUAN 艾轩

Size: 72×90cm

Signed and dated: Painted in 1983

Estimate: 1,500,000 -2,500,000

Final Price: RMB 1,700,000

signed in Chinese and Pinyin, dated 1983
1985 Selected Oil Paintings by Zhang Wenyuan and Ai Xuan / Published by Sichuan People’s Publishing House
2012 Aixuan Chen Danqing / P17 / Published by Shanghai Calligraphy and Painting Publishing House
2014 Collection of Famous Chinese Contemporary Oil Painters Aixuan / P6 / Published by People’s Art Publishing House
2019 AiXuan / P40 / KWAI FUNG Publishing

In the creation of Chinese contemporary oil paintings, Tibetan style and folk customs are very important subjects. The Qinghai Tibet Plateau described by Ai Xuan is a blend of people and scenery, feelings and environment. It is unique for its desolate and remote artistic conception and pathetic and lonely poetry. During his creative journey to the Western Sichuan Plateau, Ai Xuan found the schema and language that embedded her inner world. Wild Wind (Lot 1134) is a classic work in Ai Xuan’s early creation, which has formed a distinctive personal style of the painter.
However, unlike the absolute silence and wise sadness in Ai Xuan’s many works, there is a force surging in the Wild Wind (Lot 1134), emitting a simple‘local’ flavor. The author carefully depicts the details of various sports: the horse mane disturbed by the rain, the clothes of the female herdsmen agitated against the wind, the loose and soft tender hair of the children in the wind; The artist also arranged a rich level of scenery in the limited picture space: dark clouds in the sky and disorderly swaying withered grass, creating a turbulent atmosphere of wind and rain in the wilderness. But at the same time, the mother and son, who stopped in the storm, turned their heads and looked out of the picture without any confusion. The child lying on his mother’s back showed half a small face, full forehead, stubborn hair in the wind and struggling to open his eyes in the rain, showing the vitality of simplicity. Its strong bones and muscles are agglutinating the original beauty and fearless silence. The emptiness of the characters’ faces and the reality of their clothes and accessories form a contrast, showing the strong tension between man and nature, which contains confrontation, conquest and confidence of harmony between heaven, earth and man.