An Overview of 2007 - Poly International Auction Reaching Out to New Markets Overseas

2007-01-31 09:57:21

1.Mission Our company¡¯s mission in 2007 is to up-grade our services to meet international standards, as well as extending our market to foreign lands. In order to make introductions to overseas clients and art markets, international traveling exhibition tours are scheduled to take place. 2.Exhibitions Starting from February, Poly International Auction will be having our 2007 Spring Auction preview exhibitions in European countries such as France, Germany and England. Moreover, we will be exhibiting our Evening Auction preview in America at the end of March. In addition, Poly will be launching shows in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia as part of our 2007 South East Asian traveling exhibition program. 3.Acquiring Art Works Poly International Auction is sending out four teams in the quest for art works to be included in our 2007 Spring Auction. Team One: Staffs from Porcelain and Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Departments have been sent to Europe to meet with collectors overseas. They are preparing a solid foundation for our Spring Auction Preview ¡¯07. Team Two: Poly sent out staffs to some South East Asian countries such as Philippines and Thailand to meet with major collectors. Team Three: Staffs from our Calligraphy Department are going to Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and Shanxi Provinces to meet with collectors and acquiring art works. Team Four: Staffs in the Ancient Painting and Calligraphy Department are heading to Japan and America to acquire works and make introduction to new markets. 2007 Spring Auction has eight specialized Chinese Art sales: Contemporary Oil Painting Evening Sale, Contemporary & Modern Oil Painting, Modern Painting & Calligraphy, Ancient Painting & Calligraphy, Contemporary Painting & Calligraphy, Ancient Book Art, Ancient Artifacts and Jewelry. Like world renowned auction houses such as Christie¡¯s and Sotheby¡¯s, Poly International Auction is focusing on the quality rather than quantity of our Spring Auction collection.