2007-02-28 11:28:41

Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd. will hold the first extravagant Evening Sale in Beijing, China. The Evening Sale on Chinese Modern & Contemporary Art fits the high-end collectors and art dealers on the earth. There are lots of factors pushing it, mostly the law of art market. ¡°Day Sale¡± and ¡°Evening Sale¡± appears in chinese auction market, which shows the market of Chinese Modern & Contemporary Art has developed very maturely. Because of creative elements, style, historical background and so on, artworks come out different levels. Therefore there is a hierarchy in auction market. Up to now, Chinese artists¡¯ masterpieces have been sold highly; their prime works often soar over a million RMB, and what¡¯s more is there was a successful test. NY Sotheby ¡°Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale¡± had been held at 15th, Nov. 2006, including the first bid by Cai Guoqiang at 828,000 U.S.D, and ¡°The Big Family Series¡± by Zhang Xiaogang at 1,360,000 U.S.D. It¡¯s the first time that Chinese elements appeared in Evening Sale, which was very successful. At 21st, Nov. 2006, Poly Auction House firstly set ¡°Chinese Contemporary Art Auction¡±, which attracted more than a thousand collectors and buyers from all over the world. One of the highlights is Lot 375 Liu Xiaodong¡¯s ¡°Three Gorges: Newly Displaced Population¡±, auctioned for 22 millions RMB, making it the highest auctioned Chinese Contemporary Art. Due to popular demands, Chinese first extravagant Evening Sale comes to mainland in New Poly Plaza. Unlike day sale, Poly 2007 Spring Evening Auction just includes 50 masterpieces by Chinese modern and contemporary key artists. You will see works by Zhang Xiaogang, Cai Guoqiang, Liu Xiaodong, Wu Guanzhong, Yue Minjun, Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi, Yang Shaobin, Zeng Fanzhi etc. Some must be exhibited in Europe, America, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other big cities in China. It will be held in the end of May, 20:00 Beijing time. We can¡¯t accept 100,000 RMB deposit this time, but please contract us before it. Welcome use credit card for check in, and be present in suite. We are glad to do our best for preparing the art festival for you.