The Peak of Asian Art

2007-03-02 18:15:41

Beijing Poly International Auction Corp., Ltd. will hold the China¡¯s first evening auction ¡°Beijing Poly 2007 Modern and Contemporary Art Evening Auction¡± in May, 2007. Based on the goal of ¡°auctioning authentic, essential and rare art works¡±, Beijing Poly has been successfully collecting approximately fifty represented art works of famous Chinese artists. These famous artists includes, WU, Guanzhong, SHI, Chong, ZHANG, Xiaogang, MAO, Yan, ZHAO, Bandi, LIU, Xiaodong, LIU, Ye, WANG, Huaiqing, WANG, Yidong, AI, Xuan, LENG, Jun, JIN, Shangyi, ZENG, Fanzhi, FANG, Lijun, WANG, Guangyi, QI, Zhilong, YANG, Shaobin, TANG, Zhigang, CHENG, Conglin, HE, Duoling, LI, Shan and so on. We have ten pieces of WU,Guanzhong¡¯s masterpieces, and several artists¡¯ rare serial art works. At the moment, in order to satisfy millions of art lovers, modern and contemporary art department of Beijing Poly will gradually post evening auction¡¯s masterpieces weekly on websites of Beijing Poly and Artron. Please go to the following websites for information: ¨C Artron¡¯s website - Beijing Poly¡¯s website Both of evening auction and spring auction are in the final stage of collecting art works. At this moment, spring auction has collected many brilliant art works. Comparing with previous auctions, the art works of this spring auction are more outstanding, and the number of art works has been limited to approximately 150 pieces in order to satisfy millions of art collectors and promote the healthy development of Chinese modern and contemporary art markets. Due to the pressures from massive competition in the modern and contemporary art market and surpassing Beijing Poly¡¯s outstanding performance in 2006, Beijing Poly will spend its best effort to hold ¡°Evening Auction¡± and ¡°2007 Spring Auction¡± by following China Poly Group Corp.¡¯s philosophy ¡°Unity, Practical, Innovation, Efficiency¡±. In order to provide foreign art collectors excellent customer services and promote Beijing Poly¡¯s 2007 auctions around the world , the modern and contemporary art department of Beijing Poly have participated in Art Basel Miami Beach in America on December 7th, 2006, and ARCO Art Fair in Madrid, Spain on February 15th, 2007. Recently, Beijing Poly plans to go to the 57th Street in New York and other countries for preview exhibitions in the middle of March. Later, Beijing Poly will go to major cities of China for preview exhibitions. Simultaneously, in order to follow development of globalization and informationization, Beijing Poly has built joint relationship with Artnet. As the first auction house, which hold ¡°Evening Auction¡±, Beijing Poly will appreciate supports from all parties and look forward to this wonderful beginning.