In Autumn Be the Day:Introduction to the 2011 Poly Autumn Auction of the Modern Chinese Painting

2011-11-22 13:06:33

With the end of the Spring Auction held on 7th July, 2011, Beijing Poly Auction continues holding the its position as the champion with the highest trade volume in a single section of auction, which reaches 6.13 billion RMB. As the leader of the Chinese Market of art auction, Poly auction has also become the 3rd largest auction house world wide. Meanwhile, the Department of Modern Chinese Painting has also achieved a trade volume of more than 2 billion RMB which pushes forwards the development of auction market of the modern Chinese painting. Being a part of the auction market where fierce competition always exists, the team of Poly Auction has a profound understanding of an old Chinese saying ¡®The one who works hard with modesty could win the respect from his team members.¡¯. The glory of the past will not last forever. With the end of the spring auction 2011, our calculator has restarted from zero. From then on, we are ready to face bigger challenge.


As what is told in ¡°Ritual Records¡¤Doctrine of the mean¡±: the success comes with excellent preparation, without which comes the failure. For the annual autumn auction, good preparation is the first step to the success.


The principle strategy of the 2011 autumn auction is to maintain the high quality, decrease the quantity and focus on the high-end policy. Lead by this principle, we started the grand tour of collection, which lasted from the late June to the early October and visited Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shandaong, Hongkong, Taiwan etc. The team of collection also went abroad, to the North America, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. During each trip of collection, our colleagues received the collectors with care and the most sincere attitude of cooperation. Each time when a trip ends, we are always touched by the stories carried by these art works gathered in our hands. The pieces of old paper might be the record of the leisure time that the artists have had, or their friendship with other people. As the years pass by, the paintings have turned into a link which connects their former collector, their owner in the future and us; they also make all these people become friends. Being connected by this link, we can truly feel the mysterious power of destiny.


Right after the grand tour of collection, our colleagues of Poly auction waste no time to start with arranging the sections of autumn auction and editing the catalogues.


In the autumn auction of 2011, the sections will be presented with different specialty. Particularly, the night section of¡®The Twelve Famous Modern Chinese Painters¡¯ has been held in two years and become the star of the auctions held by Poly. For the year of 2011, the works presented for this section are outstanding both in quality and quantity. The ¡®Ploughing and Weeding on the Peaceful Land of China¡¯ painted by Xu Beihong in 1951 is the most important work for Poly¡¯s autumn auction in 2011.This work used to be reserved in the Xu Beihong Museum, and is a first-grade national relic. In early 1950s, Mr. Guo Moruo participated in The Third Conference for the Dependence of the Peace of World and was rewarded the Stalin Gold Medal of the Peace of the World. Xu Beihong was excited with joy at this news. Although his health was not in good condition, Xu Beihong painted this work of great size for his friend. The painting witnesses the friendship between these two important figures in the Chinese cultural history. The figures and the scene in this painting were racy metaphors of the Land Reform, The Korean War and other historical background of that time.


In the coming autumn auction, Poly will also present the Section of ¡®The Collection of Modern Chinese Painting of Ji Cui Lou (II)¡¯, ¡®The Collection of Ms. Guo Xiuyi¡¯, ¡®The Section of the Important Modern Chinese Painting Collected Broad¡¯, ¡®Hao Cang Zhi ¨C the Collection of Modern Chinese Painting of Dr. Guo Ruiteng¡¯, and ¡®The Night Section of Contemporary Chinese Water and Ink Painting¡¯ will be held for the first time in China.


As an important part the contemporary painting, the Chinese water and ink painting holds the responsibility for the inheritance and the development of the Chinese Culture. After tens of years of study and practice, some remarkable artists and art works have gained more and more attention and affection from the collectors in China and abroad. To organize and to exhibit the current development of the contemporary Chinese water and ink painting is the responsibility that Poly Auction holds spontaneously at the modern time of China. Poly Auction has always attached great importance to this field and devoted to introduce it into the high-end market. Through this program, we wish to build a platform for the communication between the academic institutions and the art market, work together with the artists and the collectors and open a new chapter for the development of the contemporary Chinese water and ink painting.


¡®Ploughing in spring, weeding in summer, harvesting in autumn and reserving in winter.¡¯ In this period of the year, we would like to say to you, our dear customers, ¡®There will be no go-between. Please come and find your piece. In autumn be the day!¡¯