The Collection of Dr. GUO Ruiteng, the Founder of Art Retreat Museum in Singapore

2011-11-22 13:48:31

Dr. GUO Ruiteng is famous for his collection of WU Guanzhong¡¯s paintings. To achieve another success in 2011 Poly Autumn Auction, Dr. GUO Ruiteng brings some of the classic works of Wu Guanzhong that he collects ---- Floating Market in Thailand, Tiger Highland and Young Forest etc. Among them, Snake and Turtle are the rare theme of animals that WU Guanzhong painted, and Tiger Highland holds the most important position for its largeness in size (97¡Á181 cm). Other important works in this auction include Animals on Eight Panels of LIU Kuiling, Early Summer in Mount Mo Gan and Misty River and Mountains of of Zhang Daqian, The Himalayas of XU Beihong, Herding the Cattle of LI Keran, Figure Viewing the Boundless Ocean of FU Baoshi and Fishing in the Wild of LIU Haisu. All these magnificent paintings will surely create another success in the coming 2011 Poly Autumn Auction.


WU Guanzhong, Floating Market in Thailand, 1990, 68¡Á83.5 cm, ink and color on paper, mounted
RMB 2,000,000-3,000,000

WU Guanzhong, Young Forest, 1988, 68¡Á137 cm, ink on paper, mounted
RMB 4,000,000-6,000,000

WU Guanzhong, Tiger Highland, 1989, 97¡Á181 cm, ink and color on paper, mounted
RMB 6,500,000-8,500,000

ZHANG Daqian, Early Summer in Mount Mo Gan, 1935, 103¡Á57 cm, ink and color in paper, hanging scroll
RMB 1,200,000-2,200,00

XU Beihong, The Himalayas, 1940, 55¡Á33 cm, ink and color on paper, hanging scroll
RMB 1,500,000-1,800,000

LIU Haisu, Fishing in the Wild, 1961, 63¡Á355 cm, ink and color on paper, hand scroll
RMB 1,000,000-1,500£¬000